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A long time ago back in Greece,
a pig got stopped by the police.
Why you so sad?
What can be so bad?
The pig answered ”oh help me please".

The pig said he wished for a wife.
His first real family strife.
The cop waved his cell.
And like a magical spell.
Now his family's the light in his life.


To sit inside the house all day,
that is simply not ok.
If you don't let me out to play,
someday I might run away.

Don't you come with no excuse,
there is now an app to use.
Don't pretend that you are deaf,
let me have a BFF!


In his phone he always talks.
There's more a phone can do.
Find new friends for daily walks.
Just download Paranu.

From every corner of the world.
There’s really no big catch.
A dog or a horse, a sheep or a bird.
Swipe and find your match.

Perro sentado

Dear old Fred had hurt his head.
Spent most of his days in bed.
His little dog, named Paradise,
Didn't get much exercise.

So he got himself this app,
Set location on a map.
Soon his worries were all gone,
A dog sitter came to his home.
Just like from out of the blue,
All thanks to Paranu


Lots of questions on my mind,
Answers very hard to find.
Maybe none can tell for sure,
Why my parrot talks no more.

In the app I've on my phone,
Maybe I could ask someone.
Why my bird so sweet and cute,
Suddenly had gotten mute

Can you believe it, my pets now cured.
He was only feeling bored.
Never chose to hope and prey,
Use this app and ask away.