Paranu was founded in the north of Stockholm in 2018 and has grown to become known internationally. Since the start in 2018 Paranu have strenghten its brand by investor backing and recruitment of new team members. We have been working around the clock in order to develop the world's largest dating app for domesticated animals of all kinds.


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There are approximately one billion animal-owners in the world and we’ve created the perfect product to make life easier for all of them!

Paranu was founded in August 2018 in Stockholm and since then we’ve been working day and night creating what we believe is a truly revolutionizing and unique product. The product is a mobile app with focus on connecting animal-owners all over the world for the purpose of breeding their animals, all kinds of animals. In today’s society you have to turn to different communities, clubs, online marketplaces or contacts to find a mate for your animal, i.e. the same old outdated procedure as 15 years ago.

Our app is not limited to breeding though but can also be used to find new friends for your animal, walking mates, pet sitters or just others with same interests – their animals.

Although the procedures today are the same as in the beginning of the 21st century, the market has grown rapidly. Never have there existed as many animals as today. While society embrace the technological advancement with mobile services and app’s we now introduce this market to the modern age.

With our app you choose what to search for in regards to species, breed, sex and size. You also choose what you are interested in, i.e. if you want to chat, meet and play, walk or breed your animal. You do it in the same simple and traditional way as today’s traditional dating apps, by swiping! Off course you also have the possibility to upload pictures, pedigrees, diplomas and certificates. You can choose the distance within which you are looking for contact as close as almost half a mile.

The app will be released and available for download on App Store and Google Play on April the 1st in 190 countries and several different languages and in order to reach out to as many people as possible in the shortest possible time we need to go out with a press release.

”World’s largest dating site for animals” ”All animals deserve love”

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