Paranu, the world’s largest dating app for animals!
Increase sales wherever you desire.

So you want to promote your product or service and reach out to hundreds of thousand animal owners all over the world?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Paranu is without a doubt the best forum for reaching out to your preferred target group. And best of all – by doing so you will contribute to a good cause.

Paranu will donate 1% of all our income,  generated from ads sales, to help less fortunate
animal owners all over the world struggeling financially to afford veterinary costs and getting the  best medical treatment possible for their loved ones.

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Global & Local

Our application is available in 190+ countries in 7 different languages and our goal is to have enough users in every country to bring value to each and every one of them.


We're obviously not first to enter the market with a dating app. What makes us unique is that we've developed a dating app for all different kinds of domestic animals. Here on Paranu you can register your pet dog just as well as a parrot or a fish. Best of all, you don't have to breed your animal, you can also find a walking friend or a sitter. Paranu is here for you!

User friendly

The application itself is really easy to use. By swiping left or right to either pass or like an animal, you just can't get it wrong. If you have several pets, that's great! You can register all of them and choose which pet to swipe with.

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