Pets Make Healthy People


18 Mar 2019

Yesterday evening, while I was driving to the convenient store to get some rehydration tablets for my sick son, I saw the cutest thing ever. Two huge boars were crossing the road followed by these three tiny little pigglets. Not sure that’s the correct name for a baby boar J Anyway, I have never thought of boars as cute but freshly baked it’s a totally different story.

Grown up boars are brown and hideous, baby boars are grey with black and white spots and about as big as a hedgehog. I’ve never seen baby boars before. It made me all warm inside.

Animals often have that effect on you, don’t you agree? Actually this has been scientificly prooved. Animals make people healthier.

On the other hand there are quite a few researches showing that pets doesn’t have any effect what so ever on our health. However I chose to believe they do.

So what do we know for a fact?

Well, one of the more consistent studies shows that when interacting with for example a dog the level of oxytocin, also known as ”the love hormon”, increases. And this goes for both the human and their pet dog. Oxytocin helps the brain modulate social concepts like empathy and trust. For humans the level och oxytocin increased by 6,6%. For the dog the oxytocin boost was much much higher. 57%! Which of course goes to show how much dogs really love humans.

There are of course other aspects to take into consideration. Obviously not all animals are good for all people. For example a gold fish could be the perfect pet for someone who leads a very stressful life.

At Paranu we have a vision. A vision of being able to help those who perhaps just lost their best friend and can’t afford to get themselves a new BFF. Maybe an elderly barely managing to get buy on their pension.

Everyone deserves a best friend!

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