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4 April 2023

How you all been doing the last…eh…couple of years? J

I guess you have all been wondering how we have been doing, what we have been up to and what has been going on with the app? Well first of all we have been doing our best to survive the pandemic, just as all of you have, and we do have some great news for you all.


During the last couple years or so, with the pandemic and all, we have had some time to reflect on things, both on a personal level as well as professionally, and we have decided to look for someone who can step in with new energy, ideas, goals and so forth to help take Paranu to the next level.

We are so proud of what we have accomplished so far. It’s been an amazing journey.We have had the opportunity to meet so much wonderful people, and obviously, a lot of amazing animals during this period of time, but now it is time to hand our baby over to someone else.

Before we go we do have a small favor to ask from all of you. If you know anyone who you’d think would be the perfect person to take Paranu to the next level, let them know that The World’s Largest Application For Pets is up for grabs!

So much love from us to You!


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