Donkeys Are Not Asses


29 Jan 2019

Have you ever thought about having a donkey as pet?
No? Didn’t think so.

If you live in a flat in the city maybe you shouldn’t either. But those of you with big houses in the countryside should maybe keep donkey’s in mind the next time you’re thinking about getting yourself a new family member.

So why am I writing about donkeys? Well, why not? 🙂 
Actually I happend to stumble across some interresting facts about them and felt I just had to share them. 
So here we go!

1. Donkey’s are cool with kids.
Donkeys are naturally quiet, sweet, mild mannered creatures that can be so gently that you can let your kids play with them without worrying.
They are very protective.

2. They are very intelligent.
Donkeys are actually very smart, they sense danger and react according to the situation, though people often mistaken this as stubbornness.

3. They have a healthy effect on us humans:
A donkey ’s heart rhythm can synchronise with and influence those of a human when they interact. Because these heart rhythms reflect how we’re feeling, a donkey’s calming mood can reduce a person’s anxiety.

4. Donkey’s Are Very Protective
The donkey may be able to help you protect your area from coyotes and other critters. Though often mild mannered, they do not really like strangers that seems threatening, so if you have a donkey, you can feel a little more secure with the fact that there is one more animal keeping an eye on the place.

These facts above are just some of all positive facts regarding donkeys.
Google and you’ll find lots more. 

Just a small piece of advice though.
Don’t use ”ass” when searching. All kinds of weird sites will be recommended for you. Just go with ”donkey”.

Easter is moving in fast. Make sure you buy your eggs from free range hens.
Jesus would not approve otherwise, right?

Lot’s Of Love!


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